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Gordon Speirs
DBA President
The Dairy Business Association is embarking on new initiatives that help drive positive outcomes within the dairy industry. As most of you know, DBA was formed and structured to allow for both dairy producers and the dairy industry to work together as a whole to advance our industry. Not many farm organizations have this unique and effective structure. History has proven the DBA model has worked great, especially in the policy area as witnessed in the passage of the last Farm Bill.  We know that when an industry is aligned and working together, great things can and will happen. However, change is needed to pursue greater value for our industry. What worked in the past is not enough and will require more effort. This can only happen with your help.
The theme of our recent Dairy Strong event “Gain the Edge” is not meant to be a flashy phrase, rather it’s what DBA believes is important.
An example of our commitment to “gaining the edge” is the four core strategies adopted by our board a few months ago.
1)    Enhance member engagement and value
2)    Increase visibility and better internal and external communications
3)    Provide a sustainable, yet agile organizational model
4)    Be the place for industry thought leaders and innovators to collaborate
DBA is announcing the formation of four standing committees to develop greater opportunities to obtain our core strategies.. These committees are: Government Relations, Public Relations, Member Relations and Industry Relations.
  • Government Relations: Set annual policy agenda, serve as a sounding board on policy issues and help garner grass root support. Provide an advisory role to the board on various issues.
  • Member Relations: To keep the membership connected and engaged to the association. Provide membership engagement and recruitment plan, and provide input in increasing member value.
  • Industry Relations: To provide a mechanism to interact with our current and future corporate partners. Act as a conduit between the producers, ag organizations and agri-business members in creating better relationships, value added offerings and innovation for all members.
  • Public Relations: To develop a brand plan to extend the association’s message to all stakeholders. Provide a pro-active market communication plan to build trust and respect within and out of the industry. Act as a clearing house on industry topics that are aligned with the association’s mission. Provide a speakers bureau to the industry as well. Monitor media outlets and provide timely and creditable information
These committees are designed to engage all of you in helping us achieve our shared goals. It’s all about growing relationships with each other and building consensus on things that matter most. It means that collectively we must work together, work harder and work smarter. Your involvement is the missing and needed piece. We challenge all of you to take this opportunity to join DBA not only in spirit, but in involvement. After all, we can’t do our job without you! Please offer to get involved and help us today.
Best Regards,
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