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Dairy Security Act

The Dairy Security Act is a policy authored by Representative Collin Peterson (D-MN) the Ranking Member of the House Agriculture Committee.  This policy contains a margin insurance program that is directly tied to supply management.  Supply management is a program that would restrict the amount of milk a dairy farmer could produce during periods of time when milk prices are low and feed costs are high.  Download pdf

-DSA and Goodlatte Scott Amendment Comparison Chart
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-Dairy Security Act Talking Points
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-Wisconsin State Farmer Editorial
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2013/2014 Farm Bill Emails Sent from DBA

2/04/14 - Farm Bill Passes in Senate
1/29/14 - DBA Statement on the Farm Bill in House
1/28/14 - Summary of the Dairy Title of the Farm Bill
1/28/14 - Farm Bill Update
1/27/14 - Farm Bill on schedule for a vote in the House Wednesday, January 29th
1/17/14 - National Milk concedes 'market stabilization' won't pass
1/16/14 - WIB Agri-Business Coalition has joined the dairy groups opposed to Supply Management
1/15/14 - Dairy Farmers from Across the Nation Oppose Supply Management
1/15/14 -  Farm Bill Breakthrough: Peterson OK with Dairy Deal
1/13/14 - URGENT: We must get the farm bill passed!
1/08/14 - Boehner to Peterson: If Dairy Supply Management Language in Farm Bill, 'I Won't Bring It Up' on House Floor

12/11/13 - No Farm Bill in 2013
11/22/13 - DBA Applauds Ryan's Stance on Supply Management
11/21/13 - Ryan Won't Vote For Bill With Supply Management in it
9/10/13 - Calling All Ag Supporters: Tell Us What's at Stake Without #MyFarmBill
8/12/13 - Action Needed: Tell Senators to Accept House Dairy Language in the Farm Bill
7/11/13 - Farm Bill Vote Today
6/24/13 - An Important Message From Your DBA Executive Director - Laurie Fischer
6/24/13 -Dairy Producer Coalitions Applaud Congress for their Overpowering Support of the Goodlatte-Scott Amendment
6/20/13 - Farm Bill Does Not Pass in the House of Representatives
6/20/13 - House Adopts Goodlatte/Scott Amendment To Farm Bill
6/13/13 - Let Your Congressman Know Your Feelings On Supply Management
6/12/13 - Tell your legislator to remove "Supply Management" from the farm bill
6/11/13 - Farm Bill Passes in Senate and Includes Supply Management
6/10/13 - Congressional Budget Office Estimates Dairy Freedom Act Costs Less
Than Dairy Security Act
6/03/13 - Representative Paul Ryan at a recent luncheon on Supply Management
5/15/13 - Farm Bill Moves to Senate & House Floor for Vote - Government Control of Your Milk Remains in the Bills
5/13/13 - Dairy Producers Better Off With Less Out-of-Pocket Premiums & Fees and Higher Projected Net Revenue with Goodlatte-Scott than DSA
5/13/13 - DBA Urges the House and Senate Ag Committee Leaders to Support Margin Insurance Without Supply Management
5/13/13 - Letter to Senate and Ag Comittee
5/10/13 - DBA Supports WI Congressional Delegation Efforts to Oppose Supply Market Provisions Included In Farm Bill
5/01/13 - Some Spreading Dairy Farm Bill Misinformation
4/26/13 - Dairy Farmers Urge Congress to Reject Supply Management, Support Compromise Bi-Partisan Alternative
4/17/13 - New Study Finds Both Dairy Margin Insurance Proposals Deliver Similar Benefits to Farmers
4/10/13 - Dairy Security Act Even More Concerning to Dairy Farmers than Previously Reported