Mlsna Family Named as DBA's Advocates of the Year

December 04, 2012 at 6:43 PM

Green Bay, Wisconsin --- Each and every day, members of the dairy industry work diligently on their farms and in their communities; doing their best to provide an inexpensive and nutritious food source in an environmental conscious manner.  An important part of their work is to tell their story and educate the non-farming community.  Only a few in the industry have gone as far and beyond as Ocooch Dairy and the Mlsna family; father Jim with his daughters Jacqui Davison and Stacy Sosinsky and sons Peter, Thomas and Tony.

The Mlsna family has been involved in numerous efforts to advocate for the dairy industry.  Beyond his participation on local community boards, Jim Mlsna is president of the Citizens for Agriculture and Friends of the Environment (CAFÉ), an organization that brings together farmers, landowners, sportsmen, businesses and others to preserve the agricultural economy and environment. 

Jim’s daughters Jacqui and Stacy have followed in their father’s footsteps in their own way.  Jacqui has worked with the local school district to start a program called Destination Dairy, a daylong program where 320 kids (the entire elementary school) learned about dairy farming through learning stations and dairy tours.  Stacy is the voice behind Chloe the Calf’s Facebook page, Twitter feed and blog postings.  She has made good use of social media to talk about the life of a dairy cow and the happenings around the farm.

 Jim’s sons, Peter, Thomas and Tony are the backbone of the farm, keeping the farm in good working order.  Peter is responsible for feeding while Thomas and Tony have the task of field work and equipment maintenance.

 The entire Mlsna family was recognized with the DBA Advocates of the Year Award for these and many more efforts during DBA’s 13th Annual Business Conference held November 27 and 28, 2012 in Madison, Wisconsin.  This award was sponsored by Vita Plus.



Pictured are Jerry Meissner, DBA President; Marjorie Stieve, Vita Plus; Peter Mlsna, Jacqui Davision, Jim Mlsna, Stacy Sosinsky, and Laurie Fischer, DBA Executive Director.

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