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Past Successes
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DBA has been very successful in providing a voice for the dairy community at all levels of government. Through a collaborative effort with regulatory agencies, local governments, and our elected officials, DBA has produced favorable policy and regulatory outcomes that allow our dairy community to grow and prosper. Our organization is well-known in Madison for bringing practical solutions to the table that farmers and community partners can successfully implement in order to advance dairying in our state. Here are a few of the association’s major policy accomplishments:

  • Livestock Facility Siting – This legislation created uniform state rules governing where a farmer can build or expand a livestock facility. The goals would to keep local governments from preventing a new farm just because local officials are opposed to modern agriculture.

  • CAFO General Permit – This permit was developed in collaboration with DNR to allow livestock farmers to expedite the lengthy permit process if they meet certain threshold criteria. DBA was critical in setting the progressive threshold for participation to expand the use this general permit.

  • Green Tier Charter – DBA worked to develop a program that provides a structure for dairy farmers that want to go above and beyond existing environment regulations. In addition to the environmental benefits, participating farms also receive other benefits meant to improve their interactions with DNR.

  • Raw Milk – A healthy incident caused by raw milk could adversely affect the entire dairy community. DBA and its allies have stopped repeated attempts to legalize raw milk sales in Wisconsin. Mostly recently, raw milk bills have not even been able to get a committee hearing in the Legislature.

  • Supply Management – DBA worked with others to remove supply management, also known as the Market Stabilization Program, from the 2014 Farm Bill. This change has positioned the United States to increase its dairy exports and will allow our farms to grow without production limits.

  • ATCP 65 – This administrative rule was created to combine existing rules dealing with dairy farms and dairy plants. The draft rule contained provisions that would have put farms that direct ship their milk at a competitive disadvantage. DBA was the primary voice responsible for defeating these changes.

In addition to the significant accomplishments listed above, DBA has been heavily involved in day-to-day policy developments throughout the state of Wisconsin. Our team has provided significant input to the administrative rule-making processes for the regulations that affect our dairy farms. We are often asked for our feedback from lawmakers on potential legislative proposals they are considering. From minor legal changes to controversial major bills, DBA excels at representing the dairy community at the Capitol.

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