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Being heard requires right message and mode

Monday, June 5, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Lloyd Holterman, DBA board member
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Being heard is more important than ever, but also seems more difficult in today’s world. There are many avenues out there: blogs, Facebook, Twitter, you name it!

You can have a credible message, but if you don’t find the right mode of communication, it’s likely to fall on deaf ears. This is a problem for all businesses, organizations and individuals. 

Some people are great communicators and have an influential presence everywhere they go. We all know someone who can convey a persuasive message in a few powerful words or sentences. Former President Ronald Regan comes to mind for me. His ability to communicate his ideas simply and understandably gave him enormous power.

But what about the rest of us? We need to communicate and somehow be heard in one-on-one situations as well as online in a tech-savvy world. This is where DBA shines.  The association has a variety of people and channels that advocate for our members on a whole host of issues, from water quality and animal care to the importance of dairy and agriculture to our state’s economy. Our staff was chosen based on their abilities to communicate our organization’s successes to members and the public. 

When a DBA member has an issue or question, our professional staff rises to the challenge. We have helped farmers communicate and connect with their communities as they expand their farms and seek permits. We have discussed the immigration issue openly with media. And we work to bridge the gap between customers and farmers — at restaurants, grocery stores and special events like June Dairy Month breakfasts or farm tours.

We are not afraid to tackle the tough issues like milk pricing, trade policy, taxes, transportation and roads or the environment. We strategically use different avenues and the right messages to be efficient and effective communicators on behalf of our members. 

Whatever your message is, please share it!  And don’t be shy — it takes everyone to chime in so farmers can be herd (pun intended).

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